Januari 2017

 In January Anne and a Dutch  team of producer Sandra de Cocq  and assistant David flew to Muscat, Oman, to capture the Lifestyle campagne of  waterfront Community Al Mouj.

April 2017

Foodie Rens Kroes  and the Power Food team joined forces to work on her fourth book: The Party Edition. This time images were shot in Barcelona and Amsterdam. The party  Edition will be in stores from the 9th of june. www.renskroes.com

November 2016

For the 4th time since their successful cooperation in 2013, the Crew of Emirates Airlines asked Anne to work together in Dubai. Three days in a row, their brand new A380 featured as a studio for the word wide  Emirates Airlines Campagne of 2017. This time Economy Class, business Class, First Class, the exclusive Shower Spa and the famous onboard Bar were covered. 

Augustus 2016

With the Olympic Games of 2016 a head, anne got the opportunity to work with gymnast) Epke Wonderland. A small & flexible team flew to Rio de Janeiro for KLM's Holland Herald to capture their cover and a editorial images. Among one of the pictures Zonderland is working his magic at the gymnastics rings of the Coast Guard of Ipanema Beach. (see portfolio)

april 2016

During the year of 2016 Anne worked on a longterm photo-documentary with Joris Bijendijk, Chef Executive of Restaurant Rijks. A year in wich Bijdendijk, who once started as a cooks mate at Ron Blaauw, just won his first Michelin Star. Anne got the change to capture this talented cheat work  in his exclusive kitchen, as well as during private time at the family farm in Belgium.
Joris Bijdendijk's cookbook will be in stores summer 2017

April 2014

April 2014, art-director Bulent Yuksel called. He was looking for a team to capture a new lifestyle cookbook, with healthy recipes of foodie & author Rens Kroes. Anne Timmer and stylist Renske van der Ploeg got on board and a Power-team was born. 'Power Food' reached number 1 of the best-selling top 100-list within one week and is being published in Great Brittain, Australia, New Sealand, and Northern America.
Publisher: Unieboek Spectrum

November 2013

The start of a wonderfull cooperation with Emirates Airlines In Dubai. Anne's first time  shoot on board of the A380 was to capture the iconic First Class area. 
Art-Direction by Salvatore Gullifa of Nomads Agency.  Light: Mark Bakker and the team of Gamma Engineering in Dubai. Emirates Airlines 'Hello Tomorrow' campaign.